On appointment, Moore Property Management Services will meet with the President and the Association Board and agree the responsibilities and parameters and the extent of executive authority that the Property Manager should have. Establish the procedures and requirements of the Board and the time and frequency of meetings that MPM will be required to attend.

Moore Property Management Services will,

  • Receive a copy of the governing documents and review to ensure compliance.
  • Advise and consult with the President and the Board, or its designated representative, on matters pertaining to the operating budget, maintenance policies and repairs or other matters pertaining to services provided by MPM.
  • Make periodic inspections of the building and grounds to determine the condition of facilities and any need of repairs, preventive maintenance or general improvement or care. If conditions warrant, a written report will be made and sent to the Board or its representative. Any discrepancies in the care of the grounds will be noted and reported to the appropriate contractor.
  • Assist the Board in upholding the Association Declaration By-laws and Rules and Regulations by notifying violators, in writing, of any specific infractions when directed by the Board. Only identified complaints will be considered.
  • Assist the Board in keeping abreast of the latest changes in laws or regulations affecting the Association. When necessary, assist the Board’s attorney in preparing changes in the documents and seeing that such changes are filed on record and distributed to the membership.
  • Attend up to four Board meetings per year during normal business hours and one annual membership meeting when invited by the Board. If necessary, provide notices announcing Board and Annual meetings. Mail the Annual Membership Meeting notices to all owners in addition to year-end financials.
  • If required by the Board, receive all applications for membership either from prospective owners or tenants and process such applications by securing letters or calls of reference from the parties shown on the application. Copies of the application and references will then be sent to the Board or the Board’s representatives for considered approval.
  • Provide a live, after-hours telephone answering service for messages and emergency calls. (An emergency is defined as a combination of events that could cause damage to property or harm to an individual.) When the Board deems major contract work necessary, MPM will obtain bids on such work by competent and reliable companies and submit such bids to the Board for their selection. MPM is not liable for any work performed by contractors appointed by MPM on behalf of the Association. If it is necessary for MPM to coordinate, oversee or supervise such work, as Project Manager, to the extent that additional time is spent, the Board will agree either a fixed fee or hourly charge prior to the commencement of the work.
  • Arrange, coordinate and follow-up all other maintenance requirements, as provided by the maintenance budget or at the direction of the Board or its representative.