Moore Property Management Services uses the QuickBooks Pro accounting system on an accrual basis, which is extremely user friendly. An individual account will be established for each Association when setting up their property management account.

Some of the many services we offer are:

  • Assist the Board in the preparation of the Annual Expenditure Budget and attend the Annual Membership Meeting and assist in the presentation to the membership.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements and issue to members of the Board after the end of the month
  • Prepare monthly or quarterly maintenance billing statements and mail to each owner.
  • Receive and deposit all receipts into the Association’s bank account in a prompt manner.
  • Make arrangements for bank resolution and signature cards when necessary and agree check-signing procedures between MPM and the Board members.
  • Prepare and mail checks for accounts payable in a prompt manner.
  • Follow-up on unpaid maintenance charges and keep the Board informed of all delinquencies. If the Board so directs, MPM shall provide information so that the Board’s Attorney may commence proceedings and file a lien on the debtor’s unit.
  • Maintain good bookkeeping procedures and make records available to any Association member during normal working hours as provided by the Florida Statutes.
  • Submit all necessary data to the Association’s accountant for the preparation of the annual filing of local, state and federal taxes.